Who doesn’t love a pie, on a Tuesday morning during the middle of a heatwave?

Is this the dark matter of workplace culture? By Vice President (EMEA) for Twitter, Bruce Daisley

What makes one company more successful than another? Is a committed motivated workforce a differentiator between two competing firms? Damn right it is. Gallup’s Workforce Survey records that 8% of the UK workforce is engaged at work - with twice that number being actively disengaged in their jobs. If we could get those people to care about their colleagues and their work then improved success awaits.

Pinterest offers businesses six top tips for successful Pinning

Pinterest, the online catalogue of ideas that 100m people use to plan their everyday lives, claims companies can use it to grow their businesses and has six top tips for successful Pinning.

Adele Cooper, UK and Ireland country manager for Pinterest, reveals how consumers are using Pinterest and its points of difference versus other social media.

Tom Riordan Reflects on 10 Years of Business in Leeds

Ten years on from the UK's unfolding financial crash, Leeds has not just weathered the storm but in many ways has become stronger. Tom Riordan reflects on ten years of business in Leeds and the powerful presence of The Yorkshire Mafia throughout.

Five reasons to work with an independent broker.

Wade Burgess of LinkedIn – 9 minutes a day: Continuous career management

Wade Burgess, who recently located back to the US with LinkedIn, was the Senior Director, Northern Europe at LinkedIn. In this role, Wade managed LinkedIn’s recruitment business – helping European employers find and attract talent at scale through LinkedIn’s professional network.

60 Seconds with… Jason Miller, LinkedIn

Jason Miller is the global content marketing leader at LinkedIn, a prolific keynote speaker, professor of marketing strategy at the University of California, Berkeley, and the best-selling author of Welcome to the Funnel: Proven Tactics to Turn Your Social Media and Content Marketing up to 11. His unique approach to content and social media marketing is born of his 10 years in the music business. His ideas and strategies are both inspiring and proven to work on the frontline, helping overcome some of the biggest challenges that marketers face today.

Is your business safe against this emerging threat?

Prioritising Employee Engagement

Terrorism Insurance: Is your business safe?

Using short-term lending to secure that can’t-miss opportunity

World Mental Health Day – Leeds Mind

Empowerment of Women Leads to An Unlikely Enterprise

As a naïve and shy 19 year old, Jacqueline Gold had no idea what path her career would take. Sitting in a smoke filled room at 21 in a council house in South East London drawing pictures of her boyfriends ‘meat and two veg’ on her head wasn’t quite what she had planned!

The Ramblings of an Urban Art Director


The Man Behind The Magic: Bettys Tearooms

As Bettys reaches its centenary year we look back at the man behind the magic.

The Mentality of Focusing on What’s Important

On 9 October 2017, Carat sponsored the inaugural Women’s Networking event at Leeds Business Week. The event brought together over 200 women from across the Yorkshire region, enabling women to make connections and build new relationships away from their daily routine.

Corporate Responsibility Expert, Wouter van Tol likes zeros

Wouter van Tol is Global Head of Corporate Responsibility for Huhtamaki, previously heading up CSR at Nestlé UK and Ireland, and Samsung.

Huddersfield Stadium

Dean Hoyle Dislikes Networking

I’ve never really been a fan of networking events. I realise they have a purpose, but I’ve always found in the past that they are full of people trying to sell products – whereas nobody is looking to buy!