Boost Your Cash Flow

We live in unprecedented times.

Survival is your number one business priority.

You can start by making sure you get all the help you’re entitled to.

Many companies are entitled to claim cash back from HMRC for Research & Development Tax Credits and other accelerated capital allowances. These could offer you the cash injection you need.

Out of those companies that could claim these Tax Credits some estimates put the percentage of companies that actually claim as low as 20% and of those only 20% claim the full amount they are entitled to.

The exact rules are complicated but essentially, if you have improved any products (made them: bigger, faster, smaller, more efficient, adapted them for new markets etc., or developed something brand new) or you have written or had written for you some new or innovative software to help you develop new business or improve your business, then you may be able to claim.

There are no upfront charges and we have a no win no fee policy.

The average sized claim is in the £20 – £30k but we have dealt with much bigger claims.

Even if you have already claimed you may fall into the estimated 80% of companies that have under claimed! We can review the claim and advise you accordingly.

During this period of lockdown, we can work with most companies on a remote basis. We usually don’t need to visit a client’s premises.

To start with just give me a call to discuss if you can claim or email me and I’ll call you back.

Shaun Sagar


R and D Tax Boutique Ltd

07534 500634



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