What is ER and why should my business care?

Offering Support and Sharing Success

What makes the YM so powerful is the strength of the relationships that the Group has nurtured over the last decade. We catch up with Jon Newall, Chairman of Lockyer Insurance, who joined the YM back in 2008 and has made some life-long friends.

“Think Manchester Really Created an Impression on Me” Comments Twitter VP

VP (EMEA) of Twitter, Bruce Daisley, shares his thoughts on the first THINK summit

Building the Future: Greening the city

Is this the dark matter of workplace culture? By Vice President (EMEA) for Twitter, Bruce Daisley

What makes one company more successful than another? Is a committed motivated workforce a differentiator between two competing firms? Damn right it is. Gallup’s Workforce Survey records that 8% of the UK workforce is engaged at work - with twice that number being actively disengaged in their jobs. If we could get those people to care about their colleagues and their work then improved success awaits.

Pinterest offers businesses six top tips for successful Pinning

Pinterest, the online catalogue of ideas that 100m people use to plan their everyday lives, claims companies can use it to grow their businesses and has six top tips for successful Pinning.

Adele Cooper, UK and Ireland country manager for Pinterest, reveals how consumers are using Pinterest and its points of difference versus other social media.


“The Size and Scale of YM’S Leeds Business Lunch Completely Took Me By Surprise” Says Channel 4 MD

We catch up with Sinead Rocks to hear more about her experiences of Yorkshire so far and her hopes for the future.

Keeping An Audience Engaged Beyond an Event

Could your car modifications affect your insurance?

Tom Riordan Reflects on 10 Years of Business in Leeds

Ten years on from the UK's unfolding financial crash, Leeds has not just weathered the storm but in many ways has become stronger. Tom Riordan reflects on ten years of business in Leeds and the powerful presence of The Yorkshire Mafia throughout.

Demystifying asset finance