Entrepreneur Tim Harper - Buy Yorkshire 2015 (back to videos)

Entrepreneur Tim Harper - Buy Yorkshire 2015

Tim Harper is a serial entrepreneur and investor in emerging technologies. A former engineer with the European Space Agency’s R&D centre (ESTEC) in Nordwijk, the Netherlands, he has built a twenty-five year career on identifying, understanding and acting on technology trends, from instigating and managing development projects to investment and eventual commercialisation of micro- and nanotechnologies.

A recognized expert in the economics and commercialisation of nano – and other emerging technologies, and a respected science and technology communicator, Tim has advised government programmes in Singapore, Austria, Spain, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Abu Dhabi as well as the European Union.

From a business perspective, Tim has raised funding for start-ups, provided advice for blue chip companies and managed multi partner consortia for the European Commission.

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