Join millions of people across the globe to celebrate 100 years of Save the Children

100 years ago Eglantyne Jebb, along with her sister Dorothy, held a public meeting in London’s Albert Hall to launch Save the Children.  Their mission was very simple – to fight for children left sick and starving in Europe after the First World War.

Since that day, Save the Children has always been there for children when they’ve needed the charity the most: in famine, in conflict and in crisis – from the Vietnam War to the Rwandan genocide and the Ethiopian famine to the Asian tsunami. The charity has played a key role in wiping out killer diseases like polio and helped to slash the number of children who die before their fifth birthday from 12 million to less than 6 million in the space of just 25 years. Here in the UK, Save the Children opened the first ever nursery school in Wales and led the push to have free milk for all schoolchildren in 1944.

However, a century on from when Save the Children was first founded, children need our help more than ever before. More children are living in conflict now than at any time in the past 20 years, millions more are not getting the vaccinations they need to grow up healthy, or the care they need when they’re sick, and they’re being denied an education.

Supporting Save The Children in their centenary year will help them to build a better future for children in over 120 countries across the world and here in the UK.

In places like Yemen where an estimated 85,000 children under five may have died from extreme hunger since the war in Yemen four years ago, the charity is on the ground working to get high-nutrient foods to vulnerable children where just £50 can feed a family of seven for a whole month.

Kelly Maton, Save the Children’s Community Fundraising Manager for Yorkshire says:

“All across the UK, we are bringing together supporters, partners and everyone who believes in the power of children to shape all our futures. And we want you to be part of it. Together we can build something massive, something that will give every child the chance to make their mark and build a better future for us all.”

There are lots of centenary-themed ways to celebrate their anniversary while fundraising to fight for children across the world. Please visit their website to find out more about ways you can get involved or contact Kelly as your local community fundraising manager for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire:


Number: 07500128949


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