Greenhead College launches new initiative for life beyond the lecture theatre

Huddersfield’s Greenhead College has launched a new initiative for the forthcoming academic year – designed to prepare young people for adulthood.

Once per month, inspiring Yorkshire professionals from a range of backgrounds and professions – including a racing driver, soldier-turned-CEO and life coach – will deliver a series of seminars, set to highlight crucial life skills.

Reflecting the diverse student population – and with something that appeals to all – the monthly talks are intended to further strengthen Greenhead’s commitment to delivering a rounded learning experience, for ages 16 – 18.

Confirmed names include Daniel Northcott, founder of Access North, Tim Mercer, CEO at Vapour Cloud as well as owner of PiP To Grow Strong, Natasha McCreesh, while other notable speakers include chartered financial advisor, Louise Woollard, Dr Shelley Harrington, a lecturer in organisational behaviour, and founder of Benchmark Marketing, Margaret Hartley, who will present alongside racing driver Max Coates.

Subjects covered will include managing finances, setting up a business, presentation skills and project management. As a result, it is here that A1 and A2 students will leave each session feeling inspired, energised and confident about life after college.

The programme is being driven by college alumni and governor, Katie Mallinson, who has built a successful career as the founder and MD of award-winning firm, Scriba PR.

Katie explained: “It’s important for young people to leave college with a solid education, but Greenhead is also passionate about equipping young people with the life-skills they need for life after studies. Those who are preparing for further education, considering the path they want their careers to follow, and/or getting ready to leave home for the first time will need off-syllabus support.

“When developing the programme, I thought about what I wish I’d known more about at 17 – or at least had on my radar. With one seminar per month, the topics will rarely be academic, instead looking to equip the listeners with knowledge which they can take with them when they progress beyond Greenhead.”

Simon Lett, principal of Greenhead College, added: “Ofsted is increasingly looking at colleges to provide a more holistic educational experience – which goes far beyond the four walls of the classroom. We’re sure that, given some of the confirmed speakers, uptake will be high!”

Each month, up to three leaders in their field will present for half an hour and participate in an interactive Q&A. Afterwards, there will be one-on-one time, enabling students to field any extra burning questions in a more closed setting.


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