How to be loved by Google – LIVE SEO Audits!

This event is part of One Yorkshire, a three-month virtual series of curated events, seminars, workshops and get-togethers for everyone in, from or into Yorkshire, created to deliver a real business boost to our community. Events are free of charge and everyone is welcome to attend.

Join Jonny Ross for a 1 hour interactive webinar!

This LIVE SEO AUDIT will see Jonny pick apart websites and shred them to pieces in a live interaction, together with other business owners.

Jonny is known for optimising website and getting Google to love them!




16:00 - 17:00


Please register - meeting link will be e-mailed to you in advance of event


Scott Palmer

Scott Palmer

Chartered Financial Planner

Novus Financial Services

Andrew Vevers

Andrew Vevers

Voiceover Artist

Vevers Voiceovers

Andrew Whitaker

Andrew Whitaker


Wakefield GoWeb

Alexis Nicolaidis

Interior design consultant

V A Heritage

Sarah Agar-Brennan

Business Coach Specializing in Product Development

Sarah Agar-Brennan Business Consultancy