Google Ads – How to get a return on investment (Beginner & Intermediate)

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Join Jonny Ross for a 1 hour interactive webinar!

This webinar will look at how Google Adwords (PPC) can be used strategically to power growth and how to track ROI and performance of a website. Delivered by Jonny Ross, this session will help with understanding the steps needed to design your google ad campaigns.

– Understand the role of Pay per Click in the search marketing landscape
– Develop and implement PPC campaigns that increase high quality clicks and raise Quality Scores
– Craft highly effective PPC ads that encourage click-throughs while continuously testing
– Develop a bid management strategy to maximise high quality visitors and minimise costs
– Identify, measure and act upon the KPIs that will help you boost your PPC performance
– To increase ROI
– To be more strategic with marketing decisions

Learn about

– Bidding strategies
– Quality Score
– Selecting keywords
– Creating Ads
– Tracking & Reporting




09:00 - 10:00


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Scott Palmer

Scott Palmer

Chartered Financial Planner

Novus Financial Services

James Clark

James Clark



Jennifer Coulter

Jennifer Coulter

Digital Graphic Designer


Liz Blades

Marketing Manager


James Fawcett


Another Beer Ltd

Dan Blackith

Director of People & Culture

Avalon Group

Alexis Nicolaidis

Interior design consultant

V A Heritage

Laura Mason

Digital Marketing Executive

Dementia UK