Build up your Wellbeing and Resilience at Work

This event is part of One Yorkshire, a three-month virtual series of curated events, seminars, workshops and get-togethers for everyone in, from or into Yorkshire, created to deliver a real business boost to our community. Events are free of charge and everyone is welcome to attend.

Are you surviving or thriving at your workplace? Is your team showing up fully? Have you built an agile wellbeing strategy that works?

Join us on this interactive virtual session where we will look at exploring practical strategies to understand and implement a holistic approach to wellbeing at work.

This one hour session is designed for anyone who is interested in exploring practical strategies to improve wellbeing in their work environment.

We will be –

– Discussing about practical tools that will help you increase overall wellbeing and productivity of yourself and your team.
– Developing a deeper understanding of how to build a resilient and mentally fit team.
– Discussing creative ways of taking care of self and team
– Understanding how to design and implement an impactful wellbeing strategy

This session is designed for people who wish to develop a deeper understanding of how to build a resilient and mentally fit team. It is a must for anyone working within organisations in this remote and agile world we are currently living in especially managers and people leading teams.




12:00 - 13:00


Please register - meeting link will be e-mailed to you in advance of event


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Lisa Saunders



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