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The first step in hiring Worcester lawyers is to look for an experienced lawyer who knows how to handle any kind of bankruptcy. Keep in mind that your future is in the hands of the person who will represent you in court. Their knowledge and expertise will determine how your case plays out in court and your likelihood of success.

Before hiring an expensive bankruptcy attorney, it is prudent to conduct some preliminary research. Ask your coworkers, friends, neighbours, or other acquaintances who have been through a similar situation or who know someone who has needed the services of a bankruptcy attorney. A search on the Internet can also yield information about local attorneys and their specialities. Yellow pages can also be a useful resource for locating an attorney. In accordance with your needs, you should be able to obtain the contact information of any bankruptcy attorney practising in your area who is listed on the website. Simply consult the bankruptcy section, and you will be provided with a list of all Boston attorneys in your area.