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Growing creative leaders - We won’t solve the challenges you face, but we’ll create the people who can.

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Sharon Le Goff

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IVE is a Not-For-Profit innovative training company. We have a 20 year track record of developing the creative leadership skills that lead to sustained innovation solving the problems of future today.

Our private, public and third sector clients include the power, science, engineering, manufacturing, tech, law, property, construction, corporate and service industries.

We are INNOVATIVE introducing creative thinking to your modern day business and encouraging creativity practice through professional training and bespoke consultancy workshops.

IVE have experts that offer unconscious bias and diversity training – We help you recognise examples of unconscious bias and its effect on your business and we give you the tools to become more aware and more inclusive. Promoting a culture of respect for difference encourages diverse ideas to be expressed, and these diverse ideas lead to greater creativity and innovation. With that diversity comes an ability to better reflect and respond to client and customer needs and a greater sense of every team member being valued,  which leads to more engaged employees and, generally, a happier and more productive work environment.

We are CREATIVE shaping creative futures through our young people’s talent development programmes, our training and consultancy services help fund our charitable programmes that support diverse and talented people to enter employment and develop their own creative leadership potential.