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Business Change and IT projects rarely run smoothly, there’s always a bit of an up-hill struggle at some point and there is the need to bring in experienced professionals for a short period of time.

Commonly there is a need in the areas of Business Analysis, Project Management and Change Management. Up The Hill Consulting can provide resources in these key areas to help you up the hill and over to the other side, with the successful delivery of your project.

We see the big picture and don’t lose sight of the goals, ensuring that the business benefit is delivered with a pragmatic, risk-based approach.

We can provide support to companies of all sizes that are looking to change their existing systems and we can do this through:

  • Reviewing existing processes
  • Gathering requirements
  • Assisting in the selection of a new system
  • Managing software implementation including its testing and the transition for your company to the new system

We can provide resources to manage the whole project or for just one part.