Trade Credit Solutions Ltd

Credit Insurance Brokers - 32 years experience helping business with UK and Export Credit Insurance

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Simon Moulson

Managing Director



The company specialises, as the name suggests, in the ‘niche’ field of credit insurance and political risk coverage whilst also responsible for allied financial risk placements.

We have extensive experience in the design, negotiation and placement of policies for clients in a wide variety of commercial sectors. Our speciality is tailor-making policies to the very individual requirements of each and every one of our clients.

Excellent relations are held with Insurers both in the UK and throughout Europe providing a range of products and underwriting capacity

Our strength is our independence. It allows us to operate solely with our client’s interest at heart and our approach encourages innovation and creativity. It is in the quality of our people on which we most rely.

We take pride in the service that we extend to our clients, which we feel is second to none and is evidenced by our record of client retention year-on-year.

Our clients range from SME companies through to the larger businesses across all trade sectors.

We are the first line of contact for a client with a specific or general problem. By using our experience and expertise, we can usually arrange a workable solution. In certain cases, persuasion and influence by us can lead to the Insurers developing new products or expanding existing operations.

Our role involves: –

• Understanding a company’s requirements.
• Monitoring the underwriting markets.
• Negotiating, tailoring and improving cover to fit our client’s individual needs. Are you obtaining the best cover on your customers?
• Negotiating competitive premiums and structures of cover. Are you paying the right price?
• Developing and finding solutions to our client’s credit management problems
• Providing continual after sales service and support.
• Review the company’s credit management to ensure it works in tandem with a credit insurance policy.

For those companies already using credit insurance, we have found that when we obtain quotations from other insurers it helps us to reduce the premiums for our clients.