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Sean Ellis

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My mission as a coach is simple, to support the growth of the independent and small business sector in the UK. To help the 64% of the workforce that wants to start a business to make their dreams a reality. And to help existing independent and small businesses to grow, to thrive, and to be successful.

Business, like life, is in the transitions. The riskiest periods for any business, but particularly independent and small ones, are:

  • during the startup phases from conception to startup to survival
  • when growing
  • when transferring ownership
  • when pivoting and/or responding to external market changes

In other words, during periods of transformation and change.

But as well as risks, there are great opportunities within these transitions that go beyond just making it through. Approached in the right way there are what I call golden egg laying geese to be discovered. Things within your business or yourself that deliver self-sustaining value which make success even more certain.

Throughout my life my purpose has to been to find those golden egg laying geese in every situation.

That’s what led me to become a coach after 20 years of being in Business Change. And that’s why I focus on the small and independent business sector, because I fervently believe that this is where the Yorkshire’s golden egg laying geese are to be found. Those businesses that do or will deliver self-sustaining value to the Yorkshire economy, workforce, and culture long into the future. It’s my natural home.

As a business transition coach, my role is to help you steer your way through the periods of transformation and change as successfully as possible, helping you to discover those golden egg laying geese. And I believe I have a unique twin-tracked approach to this.

  • Using my extensive experience as a Business Analyst, drawing on best practices and structured models, I help you to identify and review key components of your business
  • Using the latest research in adult vertical development, and in particular Constructed Development Theory, I help you to develop key areas of your thinking (Cognitive Intentions)

The focus on vertical development (new ways of thinking) makes me different from many business coaches who often just focus on horizontal development (new skills and knowledge). What makes my approach particularly unique is two-fold:

  • I use an assessment of your thinking style to help define approaches to business interventions that support your vertical development
  • Using the Thinking Quotient (TQ) scale developed by Dr Darren Stevens as part of his Constructed Development research, we can now, for the first time, quantitatively measure improvements in your thinking; your vertical development.

To find out more about how I can help you to achieve your business ambitions, get in touch with me.