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We’re an independent insurance broker, dedicated to protecting your tomorrow, today. Here for you through the good times and the bad. But especially the bad.

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Richard Nicholson


We’re a chartered, independent insurance broker, offering innovative solutions to protect, support and reassure you. Bringing certainty in an uncertain world, we’re dedicated to giving you all the cover you need, and none you don’t.

Whatever risk you face, and whatever cover you need, we can support you. We have expertise covering every sector for all forms of insurance. So you can rest assured that whatever happens, we’ll have your back.

We firmly believe that no two businesses are the same, therefore their insurance shouldn’t be either. Lots of brokers will give you off the shelf products. But these might not offer you the cover you need, and leave you exposed to potentially catastrophic loss. We’ll never do that.

So by being dedicated to making sure you have cover that is unique to you. We make sure that you’re always getting the best solution.

So if you think you could be better protected, or you’re not getting the best deal from your current broker or insurer, let us undertake a confidential review. And you’ll see how we can keep your world safe from harm.

Speak to Richard Nicholson on 0113 281 8110 to arrange your confidential review.