Penny Wilson

Creative design that works for the chosen media, hits its target audience and makes your brand stronger; perfect interpretation of your brief; the best in original graphic design without expensive agency costs

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Penny Wilson



Twenty+ years top agency experience; original thinking; tireless work ethic; unique creative.

I create originally-crafted, design solutions for public and private sector businesses. I’ve been in the industry a long time and earned my experience with some of the best so I know that for graphic design to really work it needs to be appropriate for its media, and speak clearly to the people it’s intended for.

My clients, ranging from every type of business, SME, through to the arts’ sectors, deal directly with me. They like the personal consultation with a designer who will clearly interpret their brief, discuss the ins and outs of what they want their design to say and to whom, and pay attention to all details of their project. Talking to me, rather than an agency team, is easier for them; it also means that nothing is lost in translation.

Whether your brief is for new branding, working with partners to develop a website, producing an annual report or creating high-concept images through consultation, I love to work collaboratively and I’m comfortable with all creative platforms. Through experience I know that real collaboration is crucial to the end result; my clients can count on me to be involved and even facilitate this if their time is demanded elsewhere.

I work to make all my clients and partners no less than delighted with the design and support I offer: so I make sure it’s second to none. It’s important to me that I provide a trustworthy, deadline-savvy, dedicated service. It means my clients can be confident they’ve got the best in a devoted designer who dedicates herself to each and every project wholeheartedly – my only way to work.

I like the whole design process to be as strategic as the value it produces, which means having integrity, being clear about the end product you want and working hard for tangible results.