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Business Development, Strategy, Planning, Research & Development Tax Advice, Digital Marketing

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Nichola Priestley


[email protected]


Matrix Intelligence is in the middle of a relaunch!! I have been about for about 6 years with YM  but have finally decided to take the plunge and focus fully on my business.  I offer a wide range of consultancy services and I am building, developing and remodelling these services continuously.

I work with SMEs who either need a shake up to grow their business or to develop existing strategies focusing on financial growth and bottom line including marketing and sales.

I am partnered with Counting King Ltd a specialist Research & Development Tax Consultancy and can offer expert advice on research & development tax claims for all Limited companies.

Reach out to me for a chat, general advice or just to exchange notes on any of the above, I do short, ad hoc and long term projects with clients.