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Lillian Latto

Founder & Managing Director

07398 621 685

As an Executive Leadership Coaching and Organisational Development Consultancy, we provide the glue to business and employee longevity for individuals careers, employee engagement and company cultures to reach their potential and attain transformational change.  Optimising talent and internal processes to transition an ecosystem from point A to B through ICF credentialed coaches and consultants.  We coach and develop talent further using several tools and methods to ensure FiT, self-awareness and authenticity.  We support the realignment of values and beliefs through the science of Organisational Development securing future footprints through the co-creation of genuine cultures and environments.  Facilitating conversations to support the implementation of change to allow individuals and companies to become sustainable and thrive in their desired careers and business.

Our directive is to ensure our clients are FiT for purpose working with stakeholders and their people inclusively to support transformational change.  Our partnership approach allows us to understand pressure points, aspirations, needs, objectives whilst unearthing and addressing blind spots, converting the spoken and unspoken word into workable and achievable strategies to evolve.  We show up without preconceived agendas, bias, or judgment to support and challenge clients thinking to provide the clarity they seek and cultivate an environment for informed decision-making.  We place our clients in the driver’s seat to execute and deliver against co-created strategies for a more significant ROI, financial and otherwise.  Together we action ambition.