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You want to attract the right clients.

Until you do, the wrong people approach you. It’s never much fun: Your work isn’t valued, you aren’t paid your worth and you hesitate to answer the phone. It sucks, I know.

Earlier in my career, I experienced this problem too. It took me years to overcome it. Luckily it needn’t take you as long—because i’m here to help small businesses land more valuable clients.

Once you’re reaching the right people, you start to notice exciting things… They appreciate you and your work, you’re paid what you deserve and you can’t wait to answer the phone. You can rely on me to help make this a reality.

I choose to help small businesses because I’ve run one myself. I’ve experienced and overcome many of the problems you’re facing now. That’s given me an understanding of the answers you need.

During my early career as a designer, I helped a broad range of clients with their brands. From small businesses with coffee-brewing tuk-tuks, to universities with roughly 34,000 students. All those experiences have given me a unique perspective you won’t find elsewhere.

I’m both a consultant to businesses, and mentor to students. I also write the occasional article, and weekly brand-building email. Alongside these I’ve guided almost 7,000 Quora readers, with a little help from a heck of a lot of business books.

Speaking of which, I spend lots of time honing my craft. All so I can provide people like you with more value and a better service. Maybe we can help each other? I hope so.


That’s all I’ve got for you, but I’m impressed you’ve read this far! As a little thank you feel free to grab a free eBook from It’ll help you visualise your brand and help you work out how to improve it.

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