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‘Little Mester’ refers to a master crafter working on a specific part of a production process. That‘s us, but in the digital age. You have a project, we go out and assemble the perfect team of Mesters to produce exactly what your project needs.

We are Little Mesters Agency. We work with those who have crafted and honed their skills with time and hard work. We are the Mesters of what we do.

A new way to work

Let’s keep this simple. You have something that needs doing. We help you make it happen. We do this by bringing together the perfect team from our extensive network of contacts. We know the brightest and best freelancers, agencies, you know, people basically. We sit with you and work out your requirements. Then our project managers go out and assemble a crack-team and away we go.

Why is this better?

Simply put, it’s bespoke to you and your project. There’s no worry about who happens to be hired by your current agency at that current time. We don’t build the fancy office, the Friday beers and ping pong table into our costs, because they don’t exist. What you get is experience, talent and a team of Mesters always at the top of their game.

We are doers, thinkers, makers, planners.

Get in touch with us and embrace a new way of working.