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Steve Jackson



JPC are an independent consultancy offering advice, project management and development for anyone needing packaging.  Operating predominately in the food sector- with 20 years experience working for the major retailers and their suppliers, but also covering non food, developing packaging, internal processes, evaluation of current packaging, technical support- no project is too small ( this might be a half hour chat about where you are and where you want to be with your packaging), all ther way through to longer term projects reviewing, and developing new formats and materials for major ranges. Brand management activities also include- colour management, supplier selection, printer selection and the development of internal and external sustainability policies.

As will come no surprise environmental concerns and adoption of circular economy metrics has never been more important- projects can look at this or might just involve in getting you up to speed on these on the current state of thinking or helping you develop your customer facing sustainability policy.


I also have links with a number of very good and trusted consultants who cover reuse packaging, colour brand management and a number of other key areas connected with how you packaging looks and presents to your customers