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I’m the owner and Lead Producer at Ginger Wizard Productions. I’ve worked in BBC radio for more than 20 years, and I believe that, with the right help, anyone can use podcasting to push their message to the right people.

A bit about me

I’ve spent a life working in audio. I started my own radio station (on cassette that was given to friends) at the age of seven. At 19 I started volunteering at a local radio station and from there my career lead me to being a presenter and a radio and network TV producer. All those years crafting brilliant audio, finding the right guests, honing scripts and coaching presenters has bought me to here – ready to take your audio marketing to the next level.

How can Ginger Wizard Productions help?

Getting your podcast off the ground isn’t easy. There’s coming up with the idea, the planning, the guest booking, the recording, the editing and the uploading. It can be a drain on your time, skills and patience. That’s where Ginger Wizard Productions comes in, taking the pain out of every part of that process.

We can do all, or just one part of the process for you, from planning and concept, through to production, editing and finally to publishing and helping you with promoting your idea.

Don’t just pick someone who’ll press record and tell you how great you sound, pick someone who will work closely with you and your organisation to make you and your product sound the best it can be.