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If you want to attract affluent customers to your business, ask yourself: how can I reliably identify affluent individuals? what will compel these individuals to take an interest in my business? which advertising media is ideal for doing this? Finely Fettled is a direct response marketing agency aiming to create direct mail campaigns for businesses marketing to the affluent. We have developed the UK High Net Worth Database to identify the mass affluent, the affluent and high net worth individuals. The data is cleansed thoroughly and is GDPR compliant. Wherever in the UK that you are looking for affluent individuals, this database can pinpoint ideal leads for your business. When you work with Finely Fettled, we will go all out to understand your business and the marketing challenge you face. Often that is attracting new affluent customers. For example, for financial advisers, investment companies, property companies and care homes. Your message is fashioned so it is less about your features and benefits (although important) and more about how you can help affluent individuals meet their desires. This singles you out from self-important competitors. You’ll find Finely Fettled will challenge you to present the very best offer you can. Above all, we want you to be successful. Clients find digital media does not reliably define and create response from affluent individuals. It can do, but increasing, post GDPR, clients are seeing big benefits from direct mail. You can describe more of your audience and get in front of them when they are most relaxed, at home. It is a proven media that in the right hands can really work for your business. Finely Fettled provides everything you need to create a compelling marketing system. One that can work again and again. Direct mail campaigns consist of marketing strategy, data often high net worth data, offer creation, copy, design, print, production, postage and design and hosting of landing pages to capture response.