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Cristina Solis Costa




Hey! I am Cristina, the founder of Ematka Email Marketing.

I help businesses drive email campaign results and profit with personalised email marketing and eCRM services that grow with their business. I can work with you on an effective email marketing strategy or take care of your day-to-day trading by delivering engaging emails to your audience.

I am hooked by the human element of email marketing and the potential of segmentation, personalisation and automation. I am always on the search for new ways of making communication more personal and valuable.

I am also very aware of the challenges coming from email marketing, especially for brands with a complex business model, with online and offline presence and many times, multiple data sources. Off course, another big challenge is the new customer life-cycle, moving away from a unidirectional funnel, into an intricate combination of back and forth touchpoints.

I founded Ematka, meaning journey in Finish, to help businesses navigate through the exciting and rewarding but challenging at times journey of business growth, with email marketing.  The key to a good email and eCRM strategy for me is to help simplify and optimise the potential for growth, with specific consideration to the resources available, in a personal, friendly and sustainable way.

Although I specialise in email marketing and eCRM, Ematka works with designers and other specialists to deliver end-to-end email marketing resources.

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