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Chris Kenworthy

Coach | Copywriter

All you endearingly awkward types stood on the sideline, detached from a world gone mad. Soft on the inside/couldn’t-give-a-toss on the outside. Brave yet perpetually sh*tt*ng-it. Plus a million other contradictions your inner-critic reminds you of, every minute of every day.

Isn’t it tiring: fitting-in?

By that I mean wearing the grown-up version of your old school uniform: buying into the myth that success in business is to act sensible and play it safe. To look and sound professional and flawless. To say and do the same old things, in the same old way.

I suspect it got you this far. But now it isn’t working quite so well. And creative life’s a bit shit: a succession of projects mainly without purpose, for clients you mostly feel indifferent about.

I should know; I’ve lived that story – always holding back on the world, projecting an image that simply wasn’t me.

I hear this a lot from Creative Outliers. They sanitise and censor themselves into grateful pretenders. It’s like we resign ourselves to soulless clients and projects – a small price to pay to make a living. Your work gets done. It’s functional, acceptable, satisfactory.

  • But does it set your world on fire?
  • Have you accepted frustration and disillusionment as part of the deal of being a freelancer, or small creative business?
  • Have you lost yourself in the business of business? 

When you don’t know who you are or what you stand for – how can you expect others to connect with that? That’s the very opposite of the kind of trust and authenticity humans crave. It’s mixed messages, which probably accounts for the kind of mediocre performance I put up with for years.

Do you secretly suspect there’s more to creative life than this?

If so, it’s time to put things right. To try something different that accounts for how different you really are. For one last push – to gain clients with projects that really do fire you up.

What I’m advocating is a more authentic way to connect with your dream clients. And that it’s OK to do business with them as you really (already) are. 

The trick is to put yourself out there in a way that is genuine and resonates with the people you’d love to serve.

That’s what my coaching does for Creative Outliers like you.

Soon you’ll be telling your tale wherever you’re most comfortable – be it online, in person or print. Whatever your discipline –  video, illustration, copywriting, graphic design, animation or programming, my coaching helps rediscover your value and purpose, to attract your dream clients.