Black Marble

Award-winning software development and consultancy on the Microsoft platform.

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Linda Hogg

Head of Business Development


Black Marble is an award-winning software development and consultancy delivering solutions on the Microsoft platform.

We have delivered solutions in…

  • Integration solutions both on premises (e.g. with BizTalk), and in the Cloud (e.g. Azure Integration Services, Logic Apps) to Retail, HealthCare, Pensions, Logistics.
  • DevOps to Finance, HealthCare, Media and Communications.
  • Custom software solutions for HealthCare, Media and Communications, Retail, Finance and Public Safety & National Security.
  • Cloud solutions, including AppModernisation solutions, to Non-profit, Public Sector and Commercial clients.
  • Collaboration solutions to the Public Sector (Police, Fire and Rescue Services, Higher Education, Central and Local Government), as well as to the commercial sector, including Retail.

We have 5 Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), and 2 Microsoft Regional Directors, as well as a team of Microsoft Certified Developers and Architects.  Our delivery team also have Clearance to NPPV3 and SC.

Black Marble has also produced tuServ, a mobile policing application.