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020 30 111 595

ALLOWLIST is the only cyber security preferred supplier list of due diligence checked, ranked, rated and reviewed cyber security and data protection companies.

We want customers to get the quality solutions they need at a price that is right for them. Our mission is to improve both the quality and the speed of the sourcing and purchase of cyber security and data security solutions, and to hold those businesses to account in terms of their credibility and their customer service.

Other than being the single place for all things cyber security and data protection there are a number of things that make us more than just an advertising list.

Everyone on THE LIST has been checked and vetted for business credentials, insurance, certificates, and relevant qualifications.

Everyone on THE LIST has been or can be ranked, rated, and reviewed for social proof and feedback.

Everyone on THE LIST can be contacted directly; we have removed the middle-man, the reseller, the gate keeper.

Everyone on THE LIST is part of a community that works together to give customers the best possible quality solutions.

At ALLOWLIST we think it is time for a change. Our suppliers, partners and customers agree