A Very Magical Adventure

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Lara Dudley

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Magic is returning to York….Join us this May for a medieval extravaganza that will provide fun for kids of all ages! At our secret location in the heart of York, you will be whisked away to a magical world of wizards, quests and bravery! The legendary King Arthur will lead you around the city, as you assist him in his search for the legendary dragon Teregarth’s eggs. You will be the hero of the story, as you battle foes and solve puzzles, before being inducted into the legendary Order of the Sacred White Rabbit! Should you succeed in your quest, you will be rewarded with a banquet of sweet treats at King Arthur’s round table! A totally interactive live experience with stunning special effects and fantastic actors, this will provide the perfect morning or afternoon’s entertainment when visiting York. This experience is suitable for all kids, both knights and princesses, aged 4-15, as long as they have the bravery and chivalry required! Be the hero of your own adventure… Make haste to our website and book your tickets, King Arthur needs you!