3LD Consulting

For Women in Technology, Executive Coaching, Management Consultancy and Leadership Development.

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Lucy Dennia


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07973 655861

Are you a woman in Technology? Have a huge remit? Wonder sometimes if you can do it? Along with all the other responsibilities you have outside of work?

We hear you. We’ve been there. And, you can do it.

Who are we?

We are professional Executive Coaches, Leadership Development Specialists and Talent and Learning Consultants.

What do we do?

We challenge and support you to make changes to your behaviour and strategy, both individually and companywide, to achieve your best results. Together we find your brightest colours, so you can paint your future.


Why do we do it?

Because we want you to be proud of yourself, every day.

How do we do it?

We provide:

  • Executive Coaching for individual leaders
  • Group Coaching for senior leaders with similar challenges
  • Team Development focused on motivation and communication
  • Leadership Development Programmes tailored to your requirements