About The Yorkshire Mafia

Founded in November 2008, the group has become the must join business membership organisation in Yorkshire.

The Yorkshire Mafia brings together executives and stakeholders from the Yorkshire Business Community to meet, network, share experience, learn, build relationships and ultimately trade (where appropriate). This is all done in a relaxed and sales-free environment.

We are ‘A tightly knit group of diverse industry executives who share a homogenous interest in the advancement of the Yorkshire region’. Our members are individually vetted and reflect Yorkshire’s pride, its energy, drive and refusal to be beaten by adversity. Most members are born and bred in Yorkshire, but some have moved to the county to find their fortune. Members includes people from all walks of business life – they are owners, managers of local businesses, middle-managers who are on the way up and leading lights at large FTSE organisations. It’s a community where you will rub shoulders with serial entrepreneurs, executives and academics who have strong ties with the business world and that’s why The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian and The Sunday Telegraph have all featured us.

The Yorkshire Mafia combines the best of business membership with the scale and speed advantages that social networking and technologies offer. Egos are “parked” at the door before any of the group’s events begins. This absence of posturing means that members can relax and be themselves.

What is the Yorkshire Mafia?

• The Yorkshire Mafia is a new model of business support
• We’re a thriving ecosystem of thousands of business across the Yorkshire region and beyond
• We’re a big society for business
• We’re an army of over 20,000 business people
• We’re a dynamic and highly active group where members freely and gladly assist other members

What does The Yorkshire Mafia do?

• We plug the gaps following the decline of the regional development agencies and Business Link advice network
• We make a stand for Yorkshire and Yorkshire business
• We facilitate the building of business relationships for thousands of businesses across Yorkshire
• We bring businesses together to share, learn, support each other and ultimately, where appropriate, trade
• We enable members to support and guide each other in meaningful numbers and in meaningful ways through sharing wisdom and expertise both on-line and offline
• Offline, we meet in various guises from small round-tables sharing best practice and expertise to larger more social events for over 500 people to our mighty annual conference, Buy Yorkshire (over 5000 expected in 2017).

How much does it cost to be a member?

• The Yorkshire Mafia is privately funded and seeks no fees for membership.
• We seek no funding and has not spent one pound of taxpayer money.

Who's in The Yorkshire Mafia?

A cross section of the business community in Yorkshire is represented in our membership.

Seniority of Members
Partner 3.58%
CxO 4.23%
VP 11.06%
Owner 12.72%
Director 29.06%
Management 39.36%
or lower

Members are represented across all career levels and company sizes.

Company Size by Members
10000+ 22.10%
5001-10000 3.83%
1001-5000 15.27%
501-1000 5.69%
201-500 6.81%
51-200 11.97%
11 to 50 15.21%
1 to 10 19.13%

Events Schedule