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Helping SMEs scale up their marketing for growth


Suite 2, 14 Market Place, Pocklington, York, East Riding of Yorkshire, YO42 2AR

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Sophie Metcalfe



The Soapy Group is a Yorkshire-based marketing consultancy. We help businesses work out how to scale their marketing efforts in line with growth ambitions – then guide them in the right direction.

Our chief consultant Sophie Metcalfe works with established SMEs to help them create a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligns with business objectives. Sophie takes the lead in ensuring you know exactly where your business needs to go – and how to get there through a perfectly tailored marketing strategy.

Marketing consultancy with The Soapy Group typically covers:

  • Marketing and organisational audit
  • Investment in marketing
  • Understanding what resources you need
  • Recruiting skilled people to deliver the strategy
  • Internal marketing – Getting the whole team on board
  • Staying on course with your strategy over time