One Nine Nine

Working worldwide. Supporting clients in every sector. Delivering on projects of all sizes.

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Barnaby Patchett


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Established in 2019 by a team with decades of experience delivering for clients in every industry – One Nine Nine is a marketing agency in Leeds working worldwide, supporting clients in every sector, and delivering on projects of all sizes.

Clients include big names from across the world’s of entertainment, food, manufacturing and sustainability, including:

Annie Mac
Riz Ahmed
Damon Albarn
KTC Edibles
GE Silicones
Daabon UK

One Nine Nine is about results – creative work and marketing support that does what you need it to.

Focused campaigns backed up by strategy. Researched, concept-driven creative work. Carefully targeted marketing – tested, measured and constantly optimised. Quality work that achieves its goals and delivers a return on your investment.