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5852830055 is a full-cycle data entry and management company helping businesses effectively collate, process, and manage data to extract valuable insights and boost marketing efforts. From supporting small businesses & startups to SMEs and large enterprises, we have helped more than 2000 businesses build accurate and up-to-date data assets. We also provide a wide range of data solutions, including data entry services, eCommerce product data entry (for all platforms & marketplaces), data conversion services, data processing services, data management services, data mining services, and data quality management services. 

With a skilled and experienced resource pool of 500+ data entry experts and quality assurance professionals, our company helps businesses from all niches solve their data challenges and boost their efficiency. Our teams hold in-depth domain expertise across diverse industry domains such as real estate, legal, medical and healthcare, banking and finance, insurance, telecommunications, etc. We have served hundreds of international clients based in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany. 

Using the best tools and technologies, we support businesses in improving their data quality, gaining actionable insights, and reaching out to the target market with correct data. Furthermore, we follow strict confidentiality agreements and data protection measures to ensure that your data is completely safe and secure. 

  • Data protection & security 
  • ISO-certified processes 
  • Multilingual data support 
  • Robust infrastructure 
  • 20+ years of experience 
  • On-time project delivery 
  • A pool of skilled resources 
  • Cost-effective solutions 

Join hands with us to grow your data capabilities with transformative solutions.