Pure Gym's Peter Roberts - Buy Yorkshire 2015 (back to videos)

Pure Gym's Peter Roberts - Buy Yorkshire 2015

Peter Roberts founded Pure Gym in September 2008 after conducting extensive research into the gym market. At the time, the sector was dominated by mid to high end operators whose lengthy contracts, pricing structure and rigid opening times prevented a large number of people from joining a gym and exercising regularly.

Peter wanted to start a business which was disruptive by removing the barriers to gym entry, and so created Pure Gym; a gym chain with no contracts, low monthly fees, and flexible 24 hour opening. Peter set in place an experienced management team and raised initial investment through Private EIS funds, to allow the first two gyms to open in Manchester and Leeds in November 2009.

Since then Pure Gym has been revolutionising the gym industry and now has approximately 100 gyms nationwide, with 500,000 members making it the number 1 gym operator in the UK. A further 40 gyms are scheduled to open before the end of 2015. The aggressive expansion has been helped by the acquisition of Pure Gym Ltd by CCMP Capital Advisors, a deal which Peter oversaw in May 2013.

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