Facebook's Andy Molloy - Buy Yorkshire 2015 (back to videos)

Facebook's Andy Molloy - Buy Yorkshire 2015

Andy Molloy has been a member of the Partner Management team at Facebook for 3 years. He specifically looks after agencies in the UK & Ireland and with his wealth of experience has worked with some of the largest brands and agencies across these markets. .

Launched in 2004 by Harvard University student, Mark Zuckerburg and his college roommates, Facebook now has 1.3 billion active users around the world. In the first 3 months of 2015, over 1 billion users logged onto to their account via a mobile device. 27% of the world’s web traffic comes from Facebook. February this year the organization reached a market capitalization of $212 billion. The biggest technology IPO in history. It’s safe to say Facebook is a global phenomenon.

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