Bindi Karia, VC/Emerging Business Lead Microsoft: Conference interview (back to videos)

Bindi Karia, VC/Emerging Business Lead Microsoft: Conference interview

The entrepreneurial face of Microsoft! Dubbed “The Queen of Start Ups” and “big sister to technology businesses” Bindi Karia has the aim of building the next billion dollar business.

Bindi leads BizSpark and BizSpark One in the UK, where she focuses on how Microsoft can drive success for leading edge and early-stage technology companies. She is also responsible for managing the relationships with the UK Investor Community, including Venture Capitalist, Angels and other Investor Organisations. In addition, Bindi sits on many Advisory Boards, including Seedcamp, Astia, The Cambridge Phenomenon, TechMediaInvest and Telegraph Tech 100.

Her previous role at Microsoft was as a Business Productivity Advisor, where she was responsible for managing relationships with business decision-makers in the UK Financial Services Sector. She worked to deliver on the benefits and business value of investing in the latest Information Worker technologies by highlighting the importance of ‘worker productivity’, from the CEO to the call centre. Prior to Microsoft, Bindi worked as Associate Director in Interregnum, a UK-based Technology Merchant Bank; as Business Development Manager at Trayport Ltd, a successful commodities trading technology start-up; as Strategy Management Consultant at PwC Consulting; and as Senior Business Analyst at Datamonitor.

Bindi was named to the Wired UK Top 100 Digital Power Broker lists in both 2011 (#39) and 2010 (#42), and was shortlisted as a finalist for Asian Business Woman of the Year in the 2010 Asian Women of Achievement Awards. She was also given a special mention in the 2010 TechCrunch Europas Awards as Best Startup Advisor/Mentor of the Year.

“Support for small businesses is more important than ever. It won’t be the corporates that lead the world’s economies back into sustainable growth. It will be the small business, the start-ups, the micro-businesses. It’s events like YMC 2012 that really help these businesses accelerate their networking, gain perspective, meet potential business partners and learn from a highly informative seminar programme. YMC itself is a start up operation and to go from zero to the biggest business event in the North of England in 12 months is a fine example of how a start up can really go for growth”.

Bindi Karia, VC/Emerging Business Lead, Microsoft

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