Ivan Heneghan, Strategic Client Services, Facebook: Conference interview (back to videos)

Ivan Heneghan, Strategic Client Services, Facebook: Conference interview

Another first for Yorkshire businesses. We’re delighted to have Ivan Heneghan from Facebook’s EMEA team attend our Conference.

Currently leading Facebook’s Strategic Client Services team in EMEA, Ivan Heneghan previously led Facebook’s UK & Ireland Online Sales Operations team, focused on managing advertising agencies in the UK & Ireland and helping them develop social media strategies on Facebook.

Ivan has been involved in all elements of online marketing over the last decade, from start-ups to large multinationals, and has previously worked in senior roles in two Irish digital agencies, and for Google, leading account management efforts for the AdSense product in EMEA, and from there, managing teams focused on the SMB customer segment for the AdSense product.

Ivan is the author of published articles and national training courses on web design, SEO/SEM, online marketing, web analytics and social media, and has been a professional trainer for over 100 organisations in all areas of online marketing.

“At Facebook, we believe that businesses are better in a connected world. Our mission is to connect the 800m people on Facebook with the things that they care about and we are building the social technology to help brands connect and engage with their fans. We’ll share why and how businesses can benefit from building essential connections with the members and businesses represented by The Yorkshire Mafia.”
Ivan Heneghan, Facebook

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