Jonathan Straight, CEO of Straight plc: "Unplugged" live audience interview (back to videos)

Jonathan Straight, CEO of Straight plc: "Unplugged" live audience interview

CEO of one of Leeds’ great business stories. Part rock star, part enigma, all business… and one of Yorkshire’s most iconic business figures. But who’s the man behind the image?

We interviewed Jonathan in front of a live audience. Watch the video to find out what makes Jonathan Straight tick…

Jonathan Straight formed Straight Plc in 1993, a supplier of container solutions for source separated waste. The company has grown from a one man band to Europe’s leading retailer of curbside recycling boxes, compost bins and water butts, as well as a key supplier of other types of waste and recycling containers.

In 2006 Ernst & Young named Jonathan as Entrepreneur of the Year and, amid one of the longest recessions in living memory, the firm has repeatedly reported profits in excess of £1.6m. Jonathan has over 15 years experience in the waste and recycling and is recognized as the industry expert.

They work together with many local authorities, waste management companies and utilities supplying an extensive range of waste and recycling solutions including office waste bins, home composters and water butts. Their customers also include corporate businesses, facilities management companies, hospitals and educational facilities.

They are totally committed to their customers and through a development programme of continuous improvement they have maintained their position at the forefront of the waste and recycling industry. They have continued to grow, pushing boundaries forward with innovative designs and quality products coupled with competitive prices and outstanding levels of customer service.

“I’m really looking forward to taking part in The Yorkshire Mafia Conference. Businesses across Yorkshire should join me in supporting this terrific event that brings together so many Yorkshire businesses and business people under one roof. Yorkshire can really be proud of its business community and this conference allows us to showcase the best that the region has to offer.”
Jonathan Straight, CEO and Founder of Straight plc

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