Ajaz Ahmed

Ajaz Ahmed is a highly successful businessman, entrepreneur and founder of Freeserve.

Ajaz Ahmed is the founder of Freeserve, once the UK’s largest internet service provider (ISP).

When buying his first computer from PC World in Leeds where he worked as a Manager, Ajaz discovered that no one there could tell him how to get onto the internet. Consequently he persuaded Dixons to launch Freeserve in 1998.

After becoming the UK’s largest ISP (in just three months), Freeserve quickly went public at £1.5bn and entered the FT100 soon after, at its height it had a market cap of £9bn. Freeserve was later sold by Dixons to Wanadoo (a France Telecom company) for £1.6bn in 2001.

Ajaz was Business Development Director for Freeserve until April 2001, when he left to pursue other business interests. He now is now actively involved with a number of investments and sits on the board of Yorkshire Forward and the advisory board at the University of Huddersfield Business school. Ajaz still lives in Huddersfield where he grew up, he is a real supporter of The Yorkshire Mafia and a regular at the Drinks Evenings.

I support the Yorkshire Mafia because it is a great network of people and companies that represents all that is good about Yorkshire business, it also embraces the Yorkshire sprit and grit that is well known around the world.
Ajaz Ahmed

Ajaz is currently working on a number of different business projects.

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