James Sommerville

Co-founder and Creative Director of ATTIK, a global creative agency focused on developing integrated advertising, digital and branded experiences.

From the humble origins of a Huddersfield loft, James and business partner Simon Needham created Attik, a global creative agency which now straddles three continents.

Simon and James launched the business in 1986 with a £2,000 from The Prince’s Trust and got their first job designing publicity leaflets for a second hand clothes shop. Soon local PR agencies were hiring them to design work for their larger clients.

The company was amongst the first to use Apple technology enabling it to outperform competitors on time and cost. Following the opening of the London office, New York was soon to follow as the company expanded into broadcast as well as print media.

Since then James has led many global brand design projects for Coca-Cola, Adidas, Camel, Virgin Atlantic, Nike and Baileys to name but a few. They have offices in London, San Francisco, Sydney and LA and have joined Dentsu, the largest agency brand in the world.

Let’s be honest, it’s not the government or the banks that will get businesses out of this hole – it’s the businesses themselves! We have to address the situation ourselves. We have to connect, we have to communicate and we have to help each other. The Yorkshire Mafia is a perfect framework for businesses across the region to do that. In business and networking terms, they are a breathe of fresh air. An opportunity to speak with others in a meaningful way and make new friends without the big sell. A opportunity to gather and share ideas, intelligence and most of all be open about the challenges and problems businesses face. We cannot allow this economic situation to stop what we in Great Britain do best. We create, we design, we build, and we sell some fantastic products and services and in my 25 years of self employment The Yorkshire Mafia is a perfect catalyst to do that.
James Sommerville

ATTIK is a global creative agency focused on developing integrated advertising, digital and branded experiences.

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