Tom Riordan

Tom Riordan, CEO of Leeds City Council (and ex-CEO of Yorkshire Forward).

Tom is the CEO of Leeds City council, the second largest metropolitan council outside of London and has been voted as the second most powerful man in Yorkshire by the Insider Magazine. Having worked at for Yorkshire Forward, the former regional development agency, for over a decade Tom is an incredibly influential figure in both the public and private sectors.

Tom was born in Northallerton and educated at the town’s college before progressing onto Oxford University where he graduated with a modern history honours degree. In 1989 he joined the civil service’s fast stream where he progressed through a variety of jobs before coming back to his Yorkshire roots at Yorkshire Forward. He currently lives in North Yorkshire wife his wife and two children and is a keen tweeter (@TomRiordan).

He recently put his money where his mouth is and agreed to hold a Q&A session with The Yorkshire Mafia Young Guns in Leeds. Tom answered questions from the group with honesty and humour unexpected from someone in such a powerful position.

Leeds City Council is the local authority for the City of Leeds metropolitan district of West Yorkshire, England.

The city council was established in 1974 and is responsible for providing all statutory local authority services in Leeds, except for those it provides jointly in conjunction with other West Yorkshire Authorities. This includes education, housing, planning, transport and highways, social services, libraries, leisure and recreation, waste collection, waste disposal, environmental health and revenue collection. The council is one of the largest employers in West Yorkshire, with around 33,000 employees.

I support the Yorkshire Mafia because they are an innovative business network committed to the success of Leeds and the wider economy.
Tom Riordan

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