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As the title suggests, we are very excited to announce that we will be hosting our next Wakey, Wakey drinks evening on Thursday 28 September at Unity Hall in Wakefield from 6pm – 11pm.

Sponsored by Open Communications, the straight-talking PR agency, we will be welcoming professionals from across the District – and further afield – as we enjoy a glass of something cold (and possibly fizzy!) with some delicious nibbles.

This will be the third time this year that we have held a get together in the city and we expect that the great and good will come along to take some time out, to relax and to share in the success that we can all benefit from when we get to know each other in a less formal business setting.

Keeping to the same ‘no sales’ message, we hope that when entrepreneurs from Wakefield and the five towns attend this event they will understand more about what makes the Yorkshire Mafia such a strong group and why we really do believe that we are Stronger Together.

Emma Lupton, Director from Open Communications who is sponsoring the event says: “We will be celebrating our nine-year anniversary in September, so it seemed fitting for us to sponsor the YM drinks evening as it returns to Wakefield. Having attended a number of the events across Yorkshire we know how popular they are.

“We are really looking forward to welcoming people and to taking the opportunity to showcase all that we collectively have to offer in Wakefield. As ambassadors for the District, we want to encourage as many businesses as possible to take some time out, to come together and to have some fun. After all, we are celebrating and everyone is invited!”

The Wakefield drinks evening builds on a full schedule of activity hosted by the YM. For further details please visit www.theyorkshiremafia.com. If you would like to learn more about how you can sponsor a drinks evenings and benefit from our network of more than 30,000 entrepreneurs from across the region, please email kate@theyorkshiremafia.com.

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