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Thursday 20th August 2015 - Posted in Yorkshire Mafia
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You can’t go anywhere in the business world without hearing the term ‘Northern Powerhouse’ at the moment. We all hear it, we all think about it, but now is the time to do something about it.

The argument is that the Northern Powerhouse is currently a concept, rather than a physical entity. Companies such as The Yorkshire Mafia are holding events like Leeds Business Week to make this idea a reality.

With a £51 billion economy, the Leeds City Region is the largest English city district outside of London. We need to work together as a region to bring the Northern Powerhouse into fruition. The government have focused on Manchester as a champion city for the North of England. However, I believe that it is time to focus on Leeds as a city of business excellence.

When George Osborne announced his plans for the North of England he chose to do so at Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry, automatically giving Manchester a heightened media presence and therefore it becoming the focus of the Northern Powerhouse.

In 2014, Osborne declared that Greater Manchester was to be given an elected mayor to oversee policies such as transport, social care and housing. He stated that,

“Giving cities power is part of our long-term economic plan to reduce the decades-old gap between north and south; London and the rest”.

All major cities within the North of England should be a collective when referencing the Northern Powerhouse, not just Manchester. This article focuses on Leeds because it is where my expertise lie. I have knowledge of Leeds and its capability and capacity to grow into a powerful economic business district. But that’s not to say that other cities should be disregarded, all major cities within the North of England should be independently seeking support from each other.
Leeds has a variety of business sectors and industries, let’s support and encourage growth through a networking system that allows these people to meet, mingle and make lasting relationships. A networking system such as The Yorkshire Mafia.

For the Northern Powerhouse to work, local businesses need to create a support network for one another and ultimately trade within the North of England. Why should we feel that we need to outsource our business needs by hiring freelance workers from London? The stigma surrounding regions such as Leeds is that we will never be taken seriously as a rival city to London in terms of business quality and opportunity.

The creation of the Northern Powerhouse is set to be a key priority for the new Government, and it won’t happen over-night. It is time to start building these lasting business relationships so that not only the North of England, but Leeds is recognised as being a serious competitor to the London economy.

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