Valuing the Work of the Third Sector

Wednesday 29th April 2015 - Posted in Yorkshire Mafia
By Lindsey Davies, Director at Open Communications UK

You may have noticed a number of charities who were exhibiting during the Buy Yorkshire Conference this year and that is because we genuinely value and appreciate the contribution that they make to our society and importantly to those most in need.

Not all charities are the same but it’s fair to say that due to funding shortages they are all having to work harder to make ends meet and to continue to deliver the fantastic services that they do.

It is often perceived that people who work in charities are part time however we know differently. A classic example would be Helen and the team from Simon on the Streets. They work tirelessly to make sure that they have a programme of activity all year around that can engage and involve people.

Working on everything from an evening that invites hundreds of people to sleep outside in Leeds City Centre to a Rough Diamond Ball with silent auction and dancing, plus everything in between, this team, like many others, never stops.

Helen also holds regular soup runs and if you have ever met her you will know how passionate she is about the charity and all that it delivers. Far from wanting sympathy, Helen wants support and she wants others to step forward and stop sticking their head in the sand where homelessness is concerned.

It’s hard to believe that there are so many people who are sleeping rough throughout West Yorkshire and more so that they cannot find the help or support that they need and that’s where Simon on the Streets comes in. But what if they turned their backs too – it doesn’t bare thinking about.

We would like to champion all of the charities that exhibited this year and to extend a thank you for the fantastic work that they do.

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