Is there benefit in a .yorkshire internet domain?

Wednesday 21st May 2014 - Posted in Marketing
By Stewart Arnold, Director at Stratton Park Associates

The Tour de France impending arrival in Yorkshire has undoubtedly focused the minds of all those who have a business in the region. The interest already generated by the event is enormous and the region will want to build on that awareness and especially on how we best promote Yorkshire in July and beyond. As part of this process I was thinking it could be hugely useful for Yorkshire’s presence worldwide to have a distinctive domain name. As I have written before, the Yorkshire ‘brand’ has both high recognition and very positive attributes. I see Yorkshire companies, other organisations and even many individuals signing up to the idea.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) is the body responsible for releasing generic top-level domains such as .org, .net and so on. Whereas there were only 22 traditionally, this number has been increased to over 100. Icann has revealed it will cost £114,000 to apply for domain suffixes and applicants need to demonstrate they have a legitimate claim to the name.

London and Scotland have recently achieved this after the most recent release of new generic top-level domains and will expect to see the benefits over the next months as the names are allocated.

We start from a disadvantage in Yorkshire because London has its own official promotional agency whilst the not-for-profit company Dot Scot Registry (DSR) was set up some years ago to push for the establishment of .scot. Nevertheless, if we start the process now we will be ready when the next batch of domains is released.

I would be interested in the reaction from businesses and others from across Yorkshire to see if this is something they think would be a valuable asset.

Yorkshire has always been a centre of innovation from food and drink to Sheffield steel and our own dot Yorkshire domain would demonstrates a commitment to maintaining this position.

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