A very Yorkshire Mafia 2013

Friday 10th January 2014 - Posted in Yorkshire Mafia
By Geoff Shepherd, Founder of The Yorkshire Mafia

Here’s what we all did together in 2013:

Read and be proud.

£250000 of in-kind charitable giving done through Skill Will in Q4.

Over 14000 business people brought together face-to-face in Yorkshire (what’s the economic impact of that?).

We delivered the UK’s finest online peer to peer advisory and support network.

We delivered the UK’s biggest B2B conference and exhibition outside London £8m economic impact) – Buy Yorkshire

We delivered the UK’s biggest business week

Thank you so much!. It’s a fine thing that we have all done together. We’re working hard to make 2014 bigger and better…

No mandate, no authority, no quango, no funding, no grants. We’re just getting on and doing it. A lesson for others perhaps.

If you’re out there, reading this and dragging your feet… come and get involved, there’s a warm welcome waiting for you…

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