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Sunday 28th August 2011 - Posted in Yorkshire Mafia
By Geoff Shepherd, Founder of The Yorkshire Mafia

It’s been an interesting time since we started the Yorkshire Mafia back in November 2008. Since that time we’ve see terrible natural disasters, social media has helped to affect regime change, the housing market has declined considerably, we’ve had the Comprehensive Spending Review and subsequent cuts, there has been rioting in English towns and cities, globalisation is the order of the day, financial markets are volatile and the world’s population is rapidly approaching 7 billion with no clear view on a sustainable planet.

It’s been a tough couple of years for all of us; individuals, families and businesses alike.

But… I believe that there is (especially in this magnificent county of ours) a constant sense of optimism and progress. One that’s unfettered and unhindered by political debacles or economic turmoil.

We’ve seen this optimism in how The Yorkshire Mafia has been received, embraced and adopted by over 8000 business people across Yorkshire and beyond. We’ve witnessed it in the thousands of business people at our events who have come together to share, learn and trade and we’ve been inspired by it as our region’s business leaders continue to come out to support us in our efforts to make Yorkshire stronger. This optimism isn’t about technology, markets or share prices. It’s about who we are as people, as businesses, it’s about what we want to be.

When writing about The Yorkshire Mafia, James Sommervile (ATTIK Founder) made the point that:

For tomorrow’s successful businesses, it will not necessarily be about price, mpg, ram, speed, dpi, location, quantity, plant, tools, 24/7 or last year’s bottom line … nor will it be about the past, the size, the office décor, the client list, the bank, the PR or the advertising. It will be about people.

I agree with James but I’d be more specific and say it will be about relationships.

Enabling and facilitating the building of business relationships is core to what we do. The Yorkshire Mafia was founded under the following rallying call and it’s rarely been truer:

In these dark times we should perhaps build stronger and longer-lasting relationships and wiser and more imaginative bonds with those around us. Bonds, which extend and expand our horizons and trading opportunities.

Globalisation has its place but so does looking out for those around you.
All businesses need to spread their wings but very often the best deals, the best partners, the best suppliers, are right there on the doorstep.

Here’s to bringing Yorkshire businesses together in meaningful ways, and in meaningful numbers, to build valuable relationships for now and for the future.

This is The Yorkshire Mafia.
We are Stronger Together.

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