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Yorkshire in the Summer spotlight

Sunday 28th August 2011 - Posted in Business
by Gary Verity, Chief Exec of Welcome to Yorkshire

The summer season got underway with a bumper crop of days off as Easter rolled into a Royal Wedding and to top it all we enjoyed some unseasonably hot weather. The end result? Potentially the best start to the tourist season in recent memory, which is great news for the thousands of small and medium sized businesses across Yorkshire that rely o...


Dean Hoyle dislikes networking

Tuesday 9th August 2011 - Posted in Business
by Dean Hoyle, Chairman of HTFC

I’ve never really been a fan of networking events. I realise they have a purpose, but I’ve always found in the past that they are full of people trying to sell products – whereas nobody is looking to buy! However, I agreed to get involved with the Yorkshire Mafia Conference this year because I believe it offered something different – and I’m de...


Do people's attitude to work make a difference?

Monday 6th June 2011 - Posted in Business
by Ajaz Ahmed, Founder of Freeserve

Tata, a multi-billion dollar Indian conglomerate that owns amongst other things the old British steel and Jaguar-Range Rover cars, recently announced they are closing parts of their UK steel factories that will lead to 1500 job loses. Its always sad to hear about job loses especially as the majority of those jobs loses will be right here in Yor...


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