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9 minutes a day: Continuous career management

Wednesday 13th June 2012 - Posted in Business
by Wade Burgess, Head of North America Sales, Hiring Solutions, LinkedIn

Wade Burgess, who recently located back to the US with LinkedIn, was the Senior Director, Northern Europe at LinkedIn. In this role, Wade managed LinkedIn’s recruitment business – helping European employers find and attract talent at scale through LinkedIn’s professional network.

Wade spoke at our conference, YMC2012, about using LinkedIn to ...


Fuel Prices – We can’t do anything?

Wednesday 9th November 2011 - Posted in Business
by Steve Irwin, Trading Manager at Portland FPP

I live, breathe and love (in an all too geeky way) all things related to the price of fuel.

I have listened and scowled at politicians who offer at best a misguided and at worst a misleading view of why fuel prices are high and what can and can’t be done to rein in the rising cost of fuel. I have seen protests come and go, noble in their inte...


Slowly slowly

Tuesday 4th October 2011 - Posted in People
by Geoff Shepherd, Founder of The Yorkshire Mafia

So, why Kilimanjaro?

Being the highest point in Africa and the highest stand-alone mountain in the world made Kilimanjaro an attraction in terms of a personal challenge. Combine that with the prospect of doing something meaningful for a charity and it was a pretty tempting mix. It’s this kind of initiative that The Guardian wrote about in ref...


On Seaweed...

Monday 26th September 2011 - Posted in Future
by Jonathan Straight, CEO of Straight plc

I was visited a few days ago by the inspirational Dr Craig Rose from the Seaweed Health Foundation. Seaweed is interesting stuff. I eat Japanese seaweed from time to time, there is one call arame which is really good. Also, anyone who likes sushi will be eating nori which is the green wrapping.

Seaweed is not really the right word for these t...


The Future of HR

Monday 26th September 2011 - Posted in Future
by Paul McCormack, HR Director of Hermes

HR has changed over the past 15 years from a reactive function to become more business focussed and proactive. The next 15 years may see HR take a longer term view of changes to the workplace. It could be a very exciting time for HR as we consider what factors will affect our companies?

I have been lucky to have attended a number of seminars...


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