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Nervous of Networking?

Friday 21st March 2014 - Posted in Marketing
by Jane Ellison-Bates, Managing Director at Manifest Marketing

Networking shouldn’t be scary. It’s something we do without thinking, quite naturally in our human relationships with friends and relatives. For example, someone might ask you ‘Where’s the best place to get a haircut in your town’ and the chances are you will be able to suggest somewhere you’ve been and feel comfortable referring that person to...


Yorkshire's positive image can help our brands succeed

Tuesday 11th March 2014 - Posted in Marketing
by Stewart Arnold, Director at Stratton Park Associates

In the 1990s comedians Hale and Pace featured a spoof based on the fictional ‘Yorkshire Airlines’. The sketch by the two (southern) comedians drew on the typical Yorkshire stereotypes: flat caps, whippets, mushy peas and Geoffrey Boycott. I am not that po-faced to think it wasn’t funny but seeing it now on You Tube I wonder if the largely negat...


“That’s your lot folks... ” A bridge too far?

Monday 27th January 2014 - Posted in People
by Louise Lapish, MD, Gatewood Consulting Ltd

How can a recent experience in a Yorkshire coastal town change your business perspective for 2014? Whitby, North Yorkshire, imagine the scene, early January and although the UK is in the grip of storm warnings there it was calm with hardly a breeze. No trip to Whitby is complete without climbing the 199 steps to the Abbey and admiring the spect...


A very Yorkshire Mafia 2013

Friday 10th January 2014 - Posted in Yorkshire Mafia
by Geoff Shepherd, Founder, The Yorkshire Mafia

Here’s what we all did together in 2013:

Read and be proud.

£250000 of in-kind charitable giving done through Skill Will in Q4.

Over 14000 business people brought together face-to-face in Yorkshire (what’s the economic impact of that?).

We delivered the UK’s finest online peer to peer advisory and support network.

We delivered the ...


Blogging for business: Do you have an effective digital marketing campaign?

Friday 13th December 2013 - Posted in Marketing
by Jonny Ross, Founder, Jonny Ross Consultancy

Marketing has been changing radically over the past 10 years or so. The internet is available in all four corners of the planet and it’s now possible to reach such a huge potential client/customer base that traditional marketing techniques(newspaper, magazine and TV advertising, posters, brochures and word of mouth, etc) have been hard pushed ...


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