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How can marketing help my business?

Monday 9th February 2015 - Posted in Marketing
by Jane Ellison-Bates, Managing Director at Manifest Marketing

There are very few businesses or organisations that can survive without marketing. Essentially it needs to be an integral building block in starting or growing any company because without it, however good your product and service might be, it is most likely to be destined to failure or at best, mediocre tickover.

So why are so many small bus...


The 6 things customers really want - Part One

Monday 2nd February 2015 - Posted in Business
by Nigel Greenwood, Founder of Simply Customer

After 25 years working with local, national and international businesses to improve the customer experience, and having analysed tens of thousands of customer comments, research and complaints, I believe any business can deliver a great customer experience, increase sales and cut costs by making sure they deliver 6 things that a customer really...


How to drive traffic to your website

Monday 26th January 2015 - Posted in Marketing
by Jonny Ross, Founder of Jonny Ross Consultancy

So, you have a great website, everything works perfectly, the site looks professional and is suitable for your target audience. But what good is a great website if you haven’t got any traffic visiting your website? Generating traffic can be difficult to do and you need to ensure that you are able to generate repeated traffic. But how do you do ...


Is there benefit in a .yorkshire internet domain?

Wednesday 21st May 2014 - Posted in Marketing
by Stewart Arnold, Director at Stratton Park Associates

The Tour de France impending arrival in Yorkshire has undoubtedly focused the minds of all those who have a business in the region. The interest already generated by the event is enormous and the region will want to build on that awareness and especially on how we best promote Yorkshire in July and beyond. As part of this process I was thinking...


Nervous of Networking?

Friday 21st March 2014 - Posted in Marketing
by Jane Ellison-Bates, Managing Director at Manifest Marketing

Networking shouldn’t be scary. It’s something we do without thinking, quite naturally in our human relationships with friends and relatives. For example, someone might ask you ‘Where’s the best place to get a haircut in your town’ and the chances are you will be able to suggest somewhere you’ve been and feel comfortable referring that person to...


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